Aglaia - Some plans and questions

I was able to find Aglaia and am going to have one shipped to me this April.

I cant say why I focused on this rose as being important to me but I found it interesting and thought it may have potential.

I like it because of its color and because of its hybrid multiflora parentage. Its a pale yellow and seems to be a prolific bloomer (once blooming) with fragrant double blooms.

I guess I thought it would be a good rose to cross with some of the assorted species roses. I think my first attempts would be to cross it with r. hugonis and r. xanthina with the hope of getting a deeper yellow. Seem plausable?

I would also try to cross it with acicularis, nutkana, moyesii and glauca to see if I could come up with a tetraploid with some of its characteristics.

What might be some other ideas to persue?

Does anyone have any experience or results from using this rose?

I am assuming it is a diploid.

I am also adding Trier, which is a descendant of Aglaia.

Well Steve,

Both Agla

Hmm, I kinda wanted to keep this to myself but I’m sure someone has done it before (no matter though as I can’t buy this cross- as far as I know). I’m crossing Peace x Prosperity which would be Peace x (Aglaia x Perle des Jardins). After I see what I get, I’ll probably further the cross.

Interesting. Peace x Prosperity. That could eventually lead to World Happiness. Which I think would be a fantasic goal in hybridizing.

I actually lost my Aglaia in 2005. Died in the move to Idaho. Dont plan to re-add for a while. Dont have enough room. Never made any crosses with it.

I tried some crosses between Peace (named at the end of WWII) and Pax (named at the end of WWI), but didn’t get anything. Pax has been completely sterile for me. Pax is from the cross Trier X Sunburst.