Addicted in Portland

Here in Portland,Oregon its is even worse to stop from collecting Pollen(i.e. Buds) because on my lunch walks I travel thru a Neighborhood mostly built in from 1900-1920’s and in the planting strips are many older HT’s. yesterday I discovered a mammoth Madame Caroline Testout growing in Partial shade topping out at seven feet with over a dozen blooms.In the older neighborhoods MCT is the a most common site, the others that never seem to die are Queen Elizabeth I have seen her grow to a eight foot bush and Tropicana grow into a six foot ball of unmistakable orange.


I see a ton of Peace roses in the Laurelhurst area where my brother used to live. A lot of new groundcover roses in the highway areas…looks nice. PSU needs to do something with their roses…they look like Simplicity but theyre dying from the shade theyre in so it is hard to tell what variety they are. Ive seen a couple Red Devils here and there at times, too.