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Species rosa ploidy levels in comprehensive tabulations in tables - by other workers. Might assist others in fulling Master Rose List - l used it to fill my crossing list ploidy where missing.

Think paper considered public domain, as off web search. Also found it good read and close to my level.

Sorry, First crash in new forum for me - post in wrong place - meant as a data reference for people looking some species ploidy levels.

This 09 paper l find has a neophyte (moi) interest type well draw, and for more than ploidy type.

Eye :eye: opener for breeding systems and interesting view points and critiques on “pollination not well studied experimentally” … “main mode of reproduction” …. thought to be xenogamy” … “perhaps through operation of incompatibility systems” …. 5 systems discussed at a friendly undergrad learner level … tables refer to species study results for example for breeding system believed demonstrated with study results with caveats (aka study quality).

Paper useful enough for my education that l made effort to hard copy, and pull out an old yellow high - lighter … still plowing it.