About Applejack and Alika

Applejack is a rose about which I have great postives and one negative. The negative is that rebloom is non-existant in my garden (and where mine grow it’s solid zone 6b). I’ve had two Applejacks, one from Skinner and the other from RU, and both are healthy and fungus free, but neither reblooms. One is now living in zone 7b and is being pampered in a HT sort of way and I don’t think it has rebloomed there either.

Let me add Alika to the list of wonderful Gallicas. Mine is from Suzy Verrier and is my best gallica with no leaf spots in fall (unlike some of my other gallicas.) In addition the color is pure and non-fading and it is setting O.P. seeds easily. In my full sunlight location Alika seems to suggest orange is a component within its MR color.