A first bloom seedling (Enrique needs to see this)

This is one of my seedlings from a cross of ‘Marbree’ X ‘Crested Jewel’. This is the first bloom for this seedling, germinated in 2002. I’ll follow up with the bloom when it opens.


Paul-- a picture is worth a thousands of words… and I cannot spend time doing saying those words. Good job!

Wow, What a neat cross. I can hardly wait to see if it has any of Marbree’s mottled color. It sure is obvious that the crested trait came through strong. Is this typical with Crested Sweetheart as a parent?

Great creative thinking!


Thanks Randy.

I suspect none of the Marbree spotting will appear, but I keep my fingers crossed anyway. By the way, it was Crested Jewel and not Crested Sweetheart that was used. Sweetheart is not fertile at all, either as pollen or seed parent. I would say that the cresting trait usually disappears when crossing it onto other non-crested hybrids. Usually you have to grow a lot of seedlings to get something with decent cresting.


This is the followup I promised about this seedling. Bloom opened this weekend; about 3.5 inches across, very double, highly fragrant.


Second photo:

I will need one of those–that’s luscious, Paul!



That is fantastic! Is that blooming on new wood or on last year’s growth?

What other crosses have you made this season?

I haven’t made any this year due to the fact that I have been in Germany since August.

How about you other hybridizers??