A few Bailey roses that may interest breeders...

Showtime is a nice Dortmund descendant. I think direct descendants of Dortmund are good to work with because they often pass on the positive kordesii qualities and less of the negative polyantha/floribunda qualities of disease.

Whole plant:

Yellow Brick Road. A nice hybrid of Yellow Flower Carpet and Carefree Sunshine. I shoulda got a pic in the summer when it was in full mass effect =(

Nice full, bright blooms:

Carefree Sunshine has been a very good parent for me, producing numerous seedlings similar to YBR.

Baileys sure has some nice roses among their Easy Elegance collection. ‘High Voltage’ is nice new yellow that seems to be their most hardy. I got it last year and it overwintered nicely and has been healthy. I like ‘Kashmir’ their new double red too very very much.


For ‘High Voltage’ and hardiness I mean most hardy among their yellows I tried- ‘Yellow Submarine’, ‘Yellow Brick Road’, ‘Centennial’, and ‘Tahecian Moon’. It had a few inches of live wood above the soil line relative to these others that went to the soil and the same was seen at another planting of HV I saw in town.

Here’s a picture of a bed of ‘Yellow Brick Road’ with a lot of bloom.

Let’s try that again.

Link: www.flickr.com/photos/fuzzyjay/3612337913/


Does anyone know how disease resistant Showtime and Yellow Brick Road are? They seem like very interesting crosses.

They seem to be pretty good here. They look pretty well for being about ready to go dormant.


The main reason I took my camera with me and went on a “shooting rampage” was for the sole purpose of photographing roses that I had run across that were under-documented on places like HMF and Google Images. For example, I made sure to get both a bloom and bush shot of Pinocchio for the sole purpose that it is the grand dame of sooooo many roses. My point towards is that High Voltage only seems to have one photo as a real-time (I never include press photos as sincere and real representations). I was wondering if maybe next year you could whip up some shots to show everyone a better representation of High Voltage?

My experience with Dortmund breeding is that Dortmund characteristics dominate the cross.