A case of overly-ripened bracteata seed-

Hi Paul.

I came across a R. Bracteata a few days ago (now in our late spring). Hanging onto it were a small number of the previous season’s dried hips, still very firmly attached. Maybe they were from late season pollination.

I opened two of these hips out of curiosity, and got about 12 achenes in total. I also got a contact allergy from the fine hairs that spread everywhere in the strong wind - I sort of rubbed the dry hips to crush them open, and in doing so all this downy material flew everywhere in the wind. Lucky none got into my eyes. (Maybe this is not a problem if the hip is harvested and processed in a fresh state).

Anyway, upon extracting the 12 achenes, 7 embryos were viable, and 5 were no good.

So even at this extremely late stage of hip harvest, germinations should be expected.

Here just for fun is one of these 7 embryos at 3 days into culture.

I am going to use these 7 seedlings as rootstock so they don’t go to waste!

I hope you get some beauties out of your bracteata cross.