2nd Golden Celebration x Illusion seedling STRIPED

Here is the first bloom of a second seedling of Golden Celebration x Illusion. The top surface of the petals are pink with dark red striping on each petal. In the picture the dark striping is almost blurred on some of the petals but is distinct in person. The reverse of the petals are yellow striped with red. This is not a pretty bloom in terms of form but I’m hoping for greater petal count and refinement in the next blooms. Maybe it would pass on the striping trait. Hopefully it will continue the great disease resistance of both parents as well as hardiness from Illusion.

Wow, freaky! You can see the Aloha line of Austin in the foliage clearly. It just occured to me that Golden Celebration has Aloha as 2 seperate grandparents! Im almost amazed that your baby isnt a climber, but it looks like it wont be.

I didn’t notice the foliage but you are right Jadae. You raised a point that I’ve often wondered about. Depending on the parentage, will a seedling that will end up being a climber ever bloom when it is small like this one or does it take a season or two for a climber to bloom?

In my experience, the answer is mixed.

For example, Sympathie x Falstaff was 100% once-bloomers that bloomed by season 3. yawnnnnnnnnnn they were c u l l e d. I eblieve this is due to the probable Hybrid Perpetual lineage found in Falstaff. It is apparently a major defect in this line of roses stemming from (forgot which, it is hinted at in an Austin book tho).

In contrast, a seedling this year, Solitaire x Shocking Blue, is 3’ tall already. It germinated in May and is decidedly a climber (it happens randomly from the Arthur Bell line). It is dark violet with a white reverse, and has bloomed about 5-8 blooms so far.

Also in contrast, my whole set of Orange Velvet x Hot Cocoa seedlings are repeat blooming climbers. They germinated in May as well. Theyre on their 2nd flush.

Thanks for the input Jadae. I’ve got some the Golden Celebration x Illusion seedlings and some New Dawn x Commander Gillette seedlings that I’m hoping to have some climbers from but didn’t want to have to wait 3 seasons to see blooms. Your dark violet with white reverse seedling sounds neat. What colors did you get from Orange Velvet x Hot Cocoa crosses?

Orange red…entirely.

Very pretty coloration…

Roses will get better when they’re older… and often, they change. However, let’s hope the stripes remain.

Nice one! I like striped roses a lot!

Hope the blooms will be much nicer when it’s older!

In my experience these type of seedling stripes are temporary.

Rob, about the New Dawn crossings.

I have two seedlings growing from [New Dawn x Together Forever] and I was hoping to see some frowers this year. Now I read about the 3 seasons of waithing, is this normal for New Dawn?

It’s 2 feet high now and still no blooms. It was germinated in May.

How long does it take when the first blooms will show up with climbing roses?

This year I made a lot New Dawn crossings.

Thanks guys. I’m hoping the stripes do remain and that the petal count goes up. I’m seeing increased petal count on several of this year’s seedlings after the first bloom. This is the first seedling that I’ve had that had non-striped parents that showed stripes in the F1 so I can’t speak to if it’s a temporary trait but I hope not.

Timothy, I think I remember reading somewhere that some of New Dawn seedlings will be once bloomers. I think it was mentioned in a thread here. I have several New Dawn x Commander Gillette seedlings from this season and so far only one has bloomed while about 6" tall. I have a number of other crosses using ND that I’m still waiting on to germinate. My thought is that even if there is a chance that some seedlings will be once bloomers it’s worth using ND for its disease resistance. I does only set 1-2 seeds in a hip so maybe using it as the pollen parent would be more productive. You asked how long does it take for a climbing rose to get its first bloom. I had asked the same question in a thread but didn’t receive an answer yet.


You have quite a few great seedlings. You’re doing some neat stuff.

Can I ask a dumb question? How come you have young seedlings with their first flowers in August? What is your seed starting schedule like? What is the reason for waiting to start your seeds? OK, that was more than one question. I’m just curious.

We have a pretty short growing season here in Minnesota. I start stratifying my seeds in November so hopefully they are germinating by February or March. I usually plant them outside in late April. This spring several seedlings had their first flower in April.


Thank you Paul…much appreciated. I started my seeds late year. Most of the seeds I set up last season were 3-4 years old. This one is a seedling from a cross that old. It took this one about 7 months to germinate. I’ll set up seeds any time of the year and grow them under lights in the winter. Here is a link to the seedling page of my website. Thanks again.

Link: www.geocities.com/RainForest/5948/seedlings.html

Thanks Rob,

That would make sense if the seeds took 7 months to germinate. I don’t know if I have the patience to wait that long for a seed to germinate. I probably would have tossed it out by then.

Nice website, you have been a busy guy. I particularly like the striped ones and the bi-colored ones. It’ll be interesting see how they progress. I only had a couple seedlings flower this year, so I’m living vicariously through your photos.


Thank you Paul. I hope you see some additional blooms on your seedlings before the end of the season. I’m hoping to have more germination from those old seeds as there are some crosses I made that I’m excited about. Good luck with your seedlings.


I was able to get another picture of this one and it’s much different than the first bloom. Gone are the cream stripes and the petal count has gone up significantly. This latest bloom started out a very deep red in bud, opened up to a nice red with yellow at the base of each petal, front and back. It’s a double, has nice fragrance and there has been no disease so far this season. I don’t know if this makes sense but it almost seems like you can see a base coat of yellow underneath the red. Unfortunatley I didn’t get a clearer picture. There are more buds so I probably can to much better. I crossed ‘Polka’ onto this flower hoping for more OGR look, peach/apricot or yellows from seedlings.

Beautiful seedling! Well done!

Thanks Fara!

Rob, beautiful color! The stripes may have been temporary like Robert R. suggested. Sometimes it is not true striping, but instead something like a defect in the petal that causes a sort of streaking.

Jim Sproul

I had one a couple of years ago, I believe it was gingersnap with something else and the stripes went away. I hope yours stay. Very beautiful.