2005 International symposium on rose research and cultivation

This was a great meeting a couple falls ago in Santa Barbara, CA. I really enjoyed attending it and am grateful for the opportunity to do so from a friend who helped sponsor my way. These meetings eventually have an Acta Horticulturae issue that contains papers on each presentation and poster. I just got an Email today that the editor was able to work out the details and delay from the final authors and submitted all the manuscripts and the publication will be in print soon!!! The table of contents is up on line now http://flowers.tamu.edu/symposium/acta.htm

Also it was communicated that Dr. Ueda from Japan will be convening the 5th symposium in Gifu Japan in May 2009.



Link: flowers.tamu.edu/symposium/acta.htm

Thanks for the update. It’s not even on line yet.

Will this be a hardcover and/or CD? Acta Hort is putting books out both ways nowadays.

Link: www.actahort.org/

David, that is great! I had a conflicting meeting during the week of the meeting in Santa Barbara in 9/05 and am still bummed that I couldn’t go.

Are these meetings every 4 or 5 years? I would love to go to one of them, but Japan sounds a bit far off…

Jim Sproul

I just got an Email from Brent Pemberton and the Acta Hort from this meeting will be out and available on-line in early September.