18 Guage Thick 2023 Seedling Canes?

Crosses of R nutkana and Shoener’s x (mix pollen Prairie Peace+Hazeldean) produced 7 seedlings of which two survived carelessness (no water three weeks outside in Bermuda bay window plot (hot), and winter inside, fungus etc.).

So can l read anything, besides green and alive, into seedlings that have normal sized leaves, appear healthy, but florist 18 gauge limp wire-like main cane thickness that requires support (tie in)?

Height is somewhere between 12” to 15”.

First thing comes to mind is a ground creeper or sprawler.

About thickness of 6 inch starter clematis “stems” if 18 gauge not fimilar.

Actually, come think about it, that size clematis has pretty turgid canes compared to the cross even though they too need tie down.


A creeper with that background would be interesting, but I’d be willing to bet that you will see much larger, more upright (at least arching) canes in time! Some species roses and near-species hybrids do tend to build themselves up relatively slowly.


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