Xerxes, why isn't it available here or there?

Well, I’ve decided to grow the persica hybrids. I’ve obtained Tigris last year, and I’m getting Nigel Hawthorne this year in the mail. I’m in the process of getting Euphrates. I would love to have a “complete” collection of Harkness Persica hybrids, but I can’t find the very last one: Xerxes. Does anybody have a clue to where I may obtain it? It can’t be extinct already since it is less then 20 years old. I’m sure it has to be in the US or somewhere in Europe. Thanks…


Hi. I’m trying to write an article on the history of breeding attempts with H. persica. I’m replying to your post over 2 years later but would like to know if you ever found Xerxes.

I’d be very pleased if I could pick your brain on the whole Hulthemia topic if you wouldn’t mind corresponding with me. I just got back from a wonderful day at Ralph Moore’s Sequoia Nursery and he has 3d and 4th generation Hulthemias he’s releasing to commerce. I got to see near misses and what’s on the horizon.

I don’t belong to this forum but lurk occasionally and if anyone besides Enrique might like to help with my questions, I’d be most appreciate if you would contact me.

Thanks, John Birsner