wrong colour rose

new to rose growing so please excuse the ignorance.

last october i bought a blue standard rose from a well known supplier, well its in bloom now and the heads are all red so i rang the supplier and asked what was wrong only to be told that it will flower red this year and be blue next year, is this correct. many thanks.

No, it’s not correct.

They lied to you. What has happened is that the “blue” variety is grafted onto a stem of a red variety and the “blue” has died over the winter. So now, all you have left is the stem it was grafted to, which is a red variety. It will never come back to “blue”. If they guarantee over the winter, then you need to call back and get a refund. However, most nurseries will not guarantee their plants over winter, which is entirely reasonable. Many factors can result in the demise of a rose through the winter, none of whcih are the nursery’s responsibility.

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thank you for a fast reply and very sorry for posting on the wrong forum.

Not a problem… (by the way, there is no truly blue rose.)