Writing Lammerts/ History of Descanso old roses

I promised Peter Harris I’d join your august organizaton if, for no other good reason, than to not feel guilty in asking for help.

I volunteer at Descanso and want to a history of Walter E. Lammerts’ organizing the orig. old rose garden and his hybridizing efforts. Doing Google and the like, I’ve found tons on his Creationism work-his Journal of Creation Science etc.- but little else. Stephen Scaniello, on the HRF Forum, expressed an interest in an article/some kind of an update on WEL’s huge influence on what Descanso’s wonderful Rosarium is today. I, myself, would like to know more about his rose breeding. Yes, I have the 1945 Amer. Rose Annual article he wrote. Yes, I have a copy of his book,“Why Not Evoution.” So that would be of interest to the heritage groups among others (I would hope).