Wow! Mme Hardy set seeds

Just for the record…I put some mixed pollen from Graham Thomas, Well Being & Mellow Yellow on Mme Hardy, and got one hip to produce 3 seeds. Oddly enough at times, Mme Hardy will not abort, producing hips without seed. A few flowers had normal stigmas on them in June, and I pollinated for the sake of experimentation. The weather was fabulous, so I’m guessing it had something to do with the production of seeds.

Seemingly sterile parents will occasionally provide opportunities for fertilization. Recognizing the opportunity and being able to act on it is sometimes the key to making the seemingly impossible happen. I know this was the case with the original crosses Ralph Moore accomplished with Chapeau de Napoleon. Few cultivars are totally sterile.

Congratulations. I hope you get germination.

Chapeau de Napoleon is actually quite fertile, its just that it provides very little pollen. Most blooms offer none. I have a number of seedlings derived from Chapeau de Napoleon in my garden.

For years I collected seeds from R. damascena semperflorens but none ever germinated. Hopefully you will have better luck with your seeds!