Would like to create a hybrid but need help

I would like to hear from hyridizers regarding how you could help me create a hybrid in pink color category. I am interested in naming rights i think. But frankly, I know nothing about this process so your insights would be helpful. I look forward to hearing from you. You can email me directly at bill.nix@axletreemedia.com. Thank you.

I think this page is an excellent place to learn with graphics.

Pink is really easy to get in breeding roses. If I were you, start with Queen Elizabeth and Golden Angel. Both are very fertile and have high seed counts. Queen Elizabeth is a very popular rose all in the US, you may even have one growing in your garden without even knowing it. Light pink, very tall, clusters. No fragrance (although to some, like me, I can distinctly smell something)

Golden Angel is an older mini rose with a lot of good traits. I haven’t used it long enough to tell you everything, but from what I’ve heard, it can produced many different roses.

Link: www.geocities.com/rosegardenbd/RinBD.htm


If you are not familiar with the hybridizing process, I might suggest that you get a copy of the basic hybridizing booklet that the RHA offers. It costs only $5 and is full of information. Go back to the home page and go to the Hybridizing - The Next Step page and it will give you the details of how to get this booklet, which I know will help you.