wondering about fertility

I recently convinced my mother to get me some new roses: St. Patrick, Stainless Steel, and Love. I know St. Patrick has been used as a pollen parent successfully, but whether the other two will be useful or not is a mystery to me. If you guys have any experience with these three, please expound!

All 3 have been used and produced commercial introductions.

Love with Perfectly Red and Headliner. Love was the pollen parent for one and seed parent for the other.

St Patrick with Marilyn Monroe. St Patrick was the pollen parent.

Stainless Steel with Honey Dijon. Stainless Steel was the seed parent.

Thanks Jadae! Now I can start planning which crosses to make if I get the chance.

You should know about the following site:


You can look up roses and see their registered/released descendants.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/searchSlt.php?srchTyp=plant&sltTyp=name

No problem but I only looked them up. Stp and MM dont like my climate and havent tried using Stainless Steel (good for my climate though). Love is a good plant but the red fades too fast for my tastes. Plus it can chemical burn easily which is a trait it got from Redgold.