Wish I had a Christmas wish list ready.

If you had to pick a rose in a hurry to add to your stable what would it be and why.

Would it actually have to be readily, commercially available? If I didn’t already grow it, I would definitely want Blue for You. The color is outstanding, as are the vigor, fragrance and health. It doesn’t require budding and roots extremely easily. What’s not to like?

Yeah, it needs to be real. My kids gave up on ties and socks and asked what I actually want for Christmas.

I looked for Blue for You in all the usual places and no luck. I may ask for Cal Poly.

A rose that hold all of its promises here for its full first year and if continuing could set a new reference being an HT with better desease resistance than many among the best at it shrubs here.


Hybrid Tea Rose Wedding Bells ®

breeder: W. Kordes’ Söhne 2010

will bloom recurrently

color: pink

fragrance:2/3 petal count:3/3 winter hardy:2/3 black spot:4/4 mildew:3/4

Like the tolling of a bell the perfume of this rose resonates between two different characteristics. At first there is the classic sweet scent of roses- like an innocent beauty, but in the open flower this scent unfolds into very aromatic, earthy notes of myrrh, patchouli and incense and reveals a very sensual complex character in sharp contrast to the first innocent note of Wedding Bells.

Maximum fragrance: at noon and in the evenings

growth habit: erect, upright

height: approx. 80 cm, width: approx. 50 cm

Height and width are in cm. These are approximate figures that can vary due to the location and region. The width is at the same time the planting distance.

remarks: This new introduction will be placed in the ELEGANZA assortment. It has a very healthy foliage, high-centered buds and flowers in medium pink and a slight fragrance.

petal count: double

diameter: 10 cm

resistance of foliage: black spot: highest resistance, mildew: nearly no affection

also available as:

Tree Rose 90cm

awards: This fragrant rose is grouped in our fragrant garden assortment. The whole summer you may inhale their divine fragrance. Just fill your fragrant garden with these varieties and their splendid perfume.

Rose Collection: This variety is part of the brand new Eleganza-collection, a special select of young, healthy Hybrid Tea roses with attractive flowers and superb disease resistance. These floriferous Hybrid Tea roses are in a class of their own and bring carefree style to every garden.


Just because I like the idea of having my own striped seedling with good health, I would add Scentimental. Blue For you would be great if it was available in the USA. And because Warrens’ results look so great with Wendy, I have that on my eventual ‘add’ list.

Cal Poly has good color but mediocre disease resistance out here.

Too bad it has to be a rose currently available, and winter hardy here.

I’d like to try Ophelia, or Mme Butterfly to breed with hardier types…

Like Cherry Lady, Wedding Bells is out of reach here but would be very promising to work with. If I had the money I’d import them.

I never used Scentimental although I have access to pollen of it at Elizabeth Park along with some other similar striped roses. I should probably try it because its a very floriferous plant.

I got some hybrids from Joycie on R. moyesii so I’m hot to get more. Both Joycie and Cal Poly are too tender for my climate but I consider them to be modern surrogates for the Stud Chinas - better all around sources for the refinements that need to be imparted to species. Golden Horizon and Golden Angel also serve this purpose in my program as do some Julia Child OP seedlings.

I would never be able to live without Hazeldean. healthy, vigours, hardy, Beautiful flower shape and the yellow is so divine. The only fault is no rebloom. Oh! but what magnificence when those 2 weeks of burst forth.

“44 stripe” and/or ‘Rose Gilardi’ + ‘Scarlet Moss’

I have no idea if it has any merit as a parent, but Red Intuition is one that comes to mind for me. Palatine has it.

[url=http://www.helpmefind.com/gardening/l.php?l=2.36315.1] Red Intuition


A really healthy ‘Sterling Silver.’ Just can’t beat that fragrance, and still, I think, the best “blue” out there.

Once upon a time I had a couple clean SS. I had to stop including them among the cut flowers that I brought to work as giveaways because of the trouble it caused if one person got it instead of another.

VID Sterling Silver can be had from Vintage, custom root. However, if you put it on a Vintage watch list they have a tendency to bud things from those lists preferentially and you’ll get first dibs when it comes available.

Alas, I ordered a VID Sterling Silver from them, paid a packet for it, and it was dead on arrival. I’ve never had any luck ordering from them.

I hope you let them know. I’m sure they will replace it.