Winter RHA Newsletter

The symposium topic for the winter issue is “Achieving Maximum Germination”. I know, from previous threads, that the forum is a very popular method of sharing information. We do have, however, members that do not use the net and thus would love to read of your ideas for this topic. Our editor is starting work on this issue and would like us to write a short article on ideas we have to maximize germination. Some folks like to have a list of things before starting to write – so here are a few thoughts to ponder: What percentage of germination have you experienced in the past? Do you harvest hips and plant right away? Do you harvest and store for a while or do you start to stratify now? How do you shell the hips? Do you soak seeds? In what? Is mold a problem for you? Do you keep floaters? What medium do you store them in? Sow them in? How long do you stratify? Do you vary the temperature? How often do you check seeds during stratification? Do you have any unusual methods of improving germination that have been successful for you?

Peter Harris, our editor, would like your writings by the end of December. As I mentioned before, these writings need not be English 101 research paper quality. He will welcome all writings!!! He also mentioned that he is receptive to articles, notes, etc, of other topics as well.

Let’s make his task of putting a newsletter together a tad easier by giving him some articles to work with. I have started on mine - will you do the same?