Winter Newsletter Has Mailed


The Winter newsletter went in the mail this morning, Jan.20, 2010.

As usual,we have a couple of members who haven’t renewed yet and therefore will not be receiving a copy of this newsletter. If you think you should have received a copy and don’t, get in touch with me so we can verify your status.

Bright pink renewal notices are enclosed for those members whose membership expires with this issue plus the back of the envelope is stamped to indicate that renewal is due. Please renew promptly so that you won’t miss the next issue. International member renewal notices are orange.

Green (yellow international) advance renewal notices are enclosed for those members whose memberships will expire with the next issue.

One more thing…

Please provide your current email address if you have one. We do not sell or give away your email address. It just allows me to send you a reminder if your membership has expired and I haven’t received your renewal.

Thanks Peter for an outstanding issue (even though one of Mitchie’s seedlings is on the cover), and to Larry for all your efforts in getting it to us. Some well written and timely articles are included. Those who do read and post here that are not members are encouraged to join the RHA, and not only receive four excellent issues per year, but part of your dues goes to support this website. Just remember the old saying,“There is no such thing as a free lunch!”

Please read, in this latest issue, Peter’s personal paragraph on page 2. If there is anyway you can be of some help to him, it would be greatly appreciated by all of us.

Great news letter as always. Thanks Larry. I for one, really appreciate evrybody that contributes. Same for this forum. What a great resource for rookies like me.


Tanks for posting your comments. Yes, it is an outstanding resource. I hope that you will be a contributor as well. We always look forward to reading the experiences of all hybridizers - be they just starting or old hands at it. FYI - Peter is the Editor, Larry is the publisher. They both do outstanding work, and we are thankful for what they each do in getting each issue put together and in the mail.


Maybe I’ll throw something out for the spring news letter. Maybe I’ll have something from a novice about the OP seeds that I hope will germinate. Lots of “maybes” here.


Peter always has “Beginner’s Luck” one of the symposium topics for each issue. Hopefully you will turn a “maybe” into an article - will be watching for it!

I’ve only been a member a short amount of time but I’m really enjoining be able to get to know everyone - the news letter has a lot of information about the board of directors - who is who and how to contact them.

I was surprised to see a recognized list of new members printed in the news letter, it does make one feel welcomed.

I have a lot to learn but I know I’m in a really good place to do that; the membership dues was such a small price to pay to be welcomed and involved with so many other Rosarians’ who have been so willing to share there knowledge and experience.

Thanks to RHA for providing an outlet for us newbies