Winter 2005 RHA Newsletter

I am beginning to plan the Winter 2005 edition of the Newsletter. I would like to get this edition finished in December, preferably by mid December, but the completion date is up to you. It will be finished when there is enough material to fill it.

If you have written an article for the Newsletter, please send it along so that I can see how much material I have and how much more material I will need. "Beginner

I am trying to put together a comprehensive article on germination, for whatever it may be worth. I have run into a couple of references to old issues of the American Rose magazine, on the RHA website. I did just send a e-mail to ARS headquarters but they have no indication of a lending library on the website so I don’t know that I’ll get much help there. In particular I am looking for an article with a very intriguing title “Male controls sprouting” by E.B. Risley in the Oct 1958 magazine, p 15. I would also like to see “Home treatment for rose seed germination” in the S/O issue of 1941, by F.G. Oliver, p 121, & “Methods of germinating rose seeds” by C.A. Davis in the J/A issue of 1943, p 68. There are a number of others on growing roses from seed that might have useful information but these are explicitly about the topic of germination. Leads on where to find photocopies of articles from the old magazine would be appreciated.


I have a little one pager for you that I should have completed in the next few days. Remind me if you don’t receive it within a week.


Larry, I can’t help on the Oliver and Davis articles, but Karl King comes to the rescue, as usual, on the Risley piece. You might want to see what else Karl has available re. germination.

Maybe someone else can direct you to the other pieces.


Hi Larry,

One resource that you may enjoy is that of Frank. C. Buckley called ‘Germination of Rose Achenes: A review and analysis of practices, and some suggestions for future investigations’. It is quite a thorough resource. It is 116 pages long and written by a member of the Amateur Rose Breeders Assn (English version of RHA). Frank really combs through the literature well. Hopefully you can still obtain this through the RHA library.


David Zlesak

If you have been thinking about sending an article for the Winter 2005 issue of the RHA Newsletter, please send it soon.

And if you have not been thinking about it, please start thinking and writing.

The sooner I get articles for the Newsletter, the sooner it will be finished and in the hands of members.

Please tell us about your experiences hybridizing, and about your thoughts. We need input from everyone, not just those who have written previously.

If you haven’t contributed an article to the Newsletter and your life is really boring, a shambles without meaning, full of TV re-runs and stale food, do something different. Remember the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Do something different. Put some meaning into your life (and into the Newsletter): write an article to share your ideas with others (the ones about roses, not the ones about boredom).

We do have symposium topics, but we also have room for articles and notes and questions on any topic.


I’ve got some of the refs from our library at UT that Larry needs, and I’ll search the British RBA for Risley.

Is there anything is recent Acta Hort’s that you need as I’m back to the “big” library next week.


To Ann in particular, and Peter too

Risley was an American, publishing in the American Rose. Peter Harris identified an on-line source already. It is Buckley that is the challenge. David Zlesak implies that the RHA once had it in their lending library.

In a couple days I will send along the stuff I’ve written up about my personal experience in rose germination. It covers 20 years in less than 20 pages.

Just a reminder—

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