Winner's Circle

Saw this in a nursery. I cannot find much information on the internet. There is nothing I can find that says it is very blackspot resistant unlike Radler’s other climbers which are advertised as being blackspot free. I would hate to start using it, only to find out it is not blackspot resistant.

Anyone have any experience with it? Any info would be helpful.

Winner’s Circle was completely clean for me last season. I was told that it is supposed to be a climber with better disease resistance than Ramblin’ Red (although RR has a more attractive bloom). I can tell you that it sets a ton of OP hips. I did not try hybridizing with it last year but I did collect some of the OP hips. The seeds germinated readily and the seedlings are very vigorous and have very attractive foliage.

Thanks Julie!

What kind of climate do you live in?

It is good to hear that the seeds germinate well. I have not had any luck with any of the Radler roses I have tried(Knockout, Sunny Knockout and Brite Eyes all had terrible germination rates).


I’m located in Zone 3. I did not put Winner’s Circle outside last winter–it was in a pot and I kept it in a root cellar because I wanted to use it for hybridizing this year–it is just about to open the first bloom… I do intend to test it for hardiness this coming winter. I was told that in addition to improved disease resistance it is also supposed to be hardier than Ramblin’ Red. RR dies back to the crown in my zone but rebounds quickly. If Winner’s Circle has better disease resistance, hardiness, and seeds that germinate readily then it should be valuable for hybridizing.

I haven’t had a lot of luck using Knockout for hybridizing but I’ve had moderate success with Brite Eyes. I just got Sunny Knockout this spring so I appreciate the heads-up.


To clarify, I had 0% germination with Sunny Knockout (had about 100 seeds). Have not tried it as a pollen parent.

I am glad to hear you had some success with Brite Eyes. I could not get it to germinate, but it has a lot going for it.


Yellow Brick Road and Limoncello look more interesting than Sunny Kock Out, imo.

I am currently using Limoncello in a no spray situation and it is completly covered with blackspot. It does set hips real easy. The leaves take a long time to yellow and drop and it makes the plant look even worse. Maybe its because it has some horizonal resistance.