Williams' Double Yellow - Anyone have any seedlings from it

I have talked about Williams’ Double Yellow quite a bit in the past and how I would like to use it in several of my crosses.

I finally have some very good looking hips from WDY using it as a pollen parent.

Toprose x WDY

Dornroschern x WDY

Golden Unicorn x WDY

Baby Love x WDY

I see no listed offspring of WDY on HMF. Does WDY produce poor offspring? Weak / disease prone? Any experiences? Anyone know of what kind of cold tolerance traits it might pass along?

I dont know Steven, but your listing of Toprose did remind me that every single try with it took this year (so far) :slight_smile:

I had good success getting Toprose to set hips as well. I didnt get to try much but 3 out of 4 attempts worked for me.