William Lobb

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Mosses are supposedly mainly sports from the Centifolia and the Damask roses, and near to nothing more is known about their parentage -I talk about the 19th Century’s ones-.

But I have a strong feeling that “William Lobb” could be actually a China hybrid, and hence, a triploid.

This year, after a hot summer it did appreciate very much-which is a suspiscion more- I have some beautiful hips on it that are already ripening.

So I shall be able to seed these OP and see what happens-or not of course-.

Does anybody have tried William Lobb yet? with what kind of results or not?

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If I’m remembering correctly, Ralph Moore has used ‘William Lobb’ in some of his work with Moss roses.

I like this rose very much, and used its pollen this year on ‘Cherry Meidiland’. The hips set very well. I’m looking forward to seeing the seedlings this cross might produce, because in the past I’ve used ‘Cherry Meidiland’ with ‘gallica officinalis’ (the seedlings were very healthy). So, I’m thinking ‘Cherry Meidiland’ may “mesh” well with the old garden types. Although, I haven’t seen blooms yet on those seedlings.

In any case, I would like to breed repeat-blooming roses with the color and/or mossing of ‘William Lobb’. Let us know how your ‘William Lobb’ seeds grow.

Good luck, Tom

Yes, I think all of the modern mosses descend via Ralph Moore’s work with ‘William Lobb’ through ‘Fairy Moss’. Many of the descendants now have nothing to do with the moss character but William Lobb still lies in their ancestry. Thanks, Robert

Ralph Moore’s ‘Fairy Moss’ is: ‘New Penny’ X 12-59-10. The pollen parent, 12-59-10 is: ‘Pinocchio’ X ‘William Lobb’.

whatever its ploidy is ‘William Lobb’ is highly fertile as both seed and pollen parent. I have a number of hybrids using it both ways. It is worth pursuing, definitely.


Thanks to all!

I’ll add William Lobb to my parent pool, and /or what I’ll get from these seeds… Just hope It will be able to ripen its hips every year…Otherwise I’ll still have the pollen of course.

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