'William Booth'

‘William Booth’ is an underrated Explorer rose, especially since it is a good substitute for ‘American Pillar’ in cold (Zone 3) climates. Its pedigree is very interesting. It includes three doses each of Rosa wichuraiana and R. eglanteria and one of Rosa laxa. This can only be a good thing for developing vigorous progeny. It’s fertile both ways. Who has worked with it (I have on a limited scale) and what were your results?

I’ve only planted op seeds. The seeds germinated easily, for the most part bloomed early but after they put on some wood, virtually all the seedlings were singles, most were thorny & grew quite large under lights. For the most part they were red. I did get one that was purplish with a yellowish reverse. I have one this year that appears dwarf. Your comments about its ancestry are encouraging.

Thanks! I will have to get one - the bloodline is terrific.

Was poking around on helpmefind and discovered that Mike Lowe as an interesting “cousin” of William Booth - New Hampshire Statehouse.

William Baffin x Prairie Princess - not too shabby either. Has anyone tried this one?


Thanks again.

There are a lot of roses that I have “studied”, but did not purchase, because I had no idea as to their fertility.

These are the kinds of posts that allow me to acquire new genes without fear of wasting my time on a sterile specimen!


New Hapshire Statehouse is a nifty roses. I am getting my first buds of the year right now. Should have some flowers in a couple of weeks. Been happy with rose and plan to pollinate some buck roses with it his summber. Dont know if it sets hips or not. Mike Lowe has created a couple of interesting roses. I am going to play with Irenes Delight this year. Its a once bloomer. HMF doesnt state the parentage but I thought it was Westerland (or Autumn Sunset) x William Baffin.

Paul Z. at Ashdowns has given good ratings to both of these roses and mentioned that a repeat blooming Irenes Delight would be a wonderful rose if it could be created.

I would call NHS a short climber/shrub