(William Baffin X OP) X OP seedlings

Even though I distributed a lot of the (William Baffin X OP) X OP seeds, I am still getting consistent germinations from those that I still have( http://home.neo.rr.com/kuska/2003-2004%20seeds%20germinated.htm )

Once germinated these seedlings seem to be growing faster and have a much higher survival rate than the rest of my seedlings.

Can anyone who received some comment on how they are behaving for you?

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/2003-2004%20seeds%20germinated.htm

I have 4 seedlings that are now about 10" tall. The leaves all look similar - rather delicate, and long and thin and medium green. One has all 5 leaflet sets, the others have 7, and one of these seedlings is branching strongly. All of the others so far are single stemmed. They are very healthy, having shown no signs of powdery mildew which I have had problems with this year. I have not sprayed them.

All have been out in the desert elements for months and they have had no problem withstanding strong, dry desert winds and blazing desert sun all day. It’s been about 100 here for a week and the new growth is a little stressed, but the mature leaves show no stress from the heat at all.

No bloom buds yet.

By the way, I found the germinating seedlings to be very thin and delicate and I lost a lot initially, but once I tried your H2O2 drip, Henry, the 4 remaining 1" seedlings did fine. And once they got past the damping off phase, they really took off - as you said, growing faster than most of the other seedlings.