William Baffin as a seed parent?

the website Help Me Find Roses lists 4 descendents of William Baffin. One is using WB as a pollen parent and the other 3 using it as a seed parent. These 3 are by Mike Lowe, 2 of the crosses used Heritage as the pollen parent and the 3rd used Prairie Princes as the pollen parent.


Since John Davis is just about always in flower, when I do not have any “high priority” pollen ready but do have a (pollen removed) mother ready, I simply cut off a bloom of Davis that still has good pollen and place it head down on the mother. The 2 are held in place with a 2 inch by 2 inch clear plastic zip lock bag.

I do the same with other fathers after I determine that they do not make good mothers.

Link: home.neo.rr.com/kuska/pollencollection.htm

My experience with John Davis, John Cabot and William Baffin as seed parents has been pretty much the same as Julie’s. I’ve tried a variety of pollen over the years without any real success. They all work great as pollen parents and I’ve got many good seedlings from them.

Regarding HMF listing William Baffin as a seed parent I’ll simply say it’s incorrect.