William Allen Richardson

Just had a few questions about William Allen Richardson. Has anyone tried working with this rose? Its a interesting rose. Help me find lists it as a zone 7 hardy plant yet a lot of its offspring are more hardy. Buff Beauty for example.

Does this rose have much merit? All the pictures seem to indicate that its blooms are not the best with respect to shape/form. What is the disease resistance with it?

I thought it is a interesting diploid rose.

How about one of its offspring, Aviateur Bl

I found another that is interesting, Agla

Aglaia is part of the Hybrid Musk legacy as the supposed parent to Trier. If you like that line take a look at Leonie Lamesch. Ive grown it for quite a few years and it is quite a unique plant. Doesnt really fit in with other polyanthas–not really a china, shrub or hybrid musk either. However, there is quite a bit of yellow in this fella as well as oranges and reds. It sets hips. Not sure on fertility though. I suppose I could try it on another diploid if youre interested.