Wilhelm Kordes III

As part of the Great Rosarians of the World Lecture Series at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Wilhelm Kordes III will be speaking Thursday, March 15 at 6:30-9:00. Information is available under Calender of Events at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens website.

…and he’s scheduled to speak at the CRS annual meeting at the Toronto Botanical Gardens on Sunday, March 18th. I haven’t been there in a long time so it should be interesting.

Dee, did you make it to hear William Kordes? If so, could you fill us in on the highlights??


Sadly, the lecture to be delivered by the late Wilhelm Kordes III at the CRS meeting was cancelled due to a storm that took place in the U.S the night before; he was unable to board the plane. Nonetheless, I managed to attend with two board members of my rose society (HRS); the one being Edna Caldwell, who gave a memorable slide presentation on the culture and care of roses for beginners. The primary focus of her topic featured care-free hardy Canadian bred varieties & rugosas, including a bit on the construction and maintenance of the Barrie Rose Memorial Gardens. Despite the cancellation, it was a full house; Joel from Pickering was there, and John from Hortico came up to stress their latest improvements, and answer questions posed by members in the audience. The Greater Toronto Rose & Garden Society will try their hand again at having Wilhelm down to speak in October.

French rosarian, Odile Masquelier, is scheduled to speak September 23 on the topic of Old Garden roses.