Wild Rover has failed me *cries* and other malidies :-( and successes :-)

Back to the drawing board… again…

‘Wild Rover’ x ‘Euphrates’ hips have just failed on me. Nothing hulthemia AGAIN… After this really bad weather I’ve had mass failures. It was super wet for a week and then it suddenly stopped followed by three days of intense heat and no cloud cover until this afternoon. Things are just shrivelling and dropping after looking good for up to two months now. Talk about our biggest challenges! My biggest challenge is mother nature :wink: For some reason ‘Temple Bells’ stems are dying back for no good reason too. It can’t be lack of water that’s for sure. I’m thinking this is fungal too. I reckon I’ve lost up to half of all my hips on ‘Wild Rover’ and ‘Temple Bells’ and now it’s greying over again and looking like it’s going to storm again… oh well… there’s always next season :wink:

On the plus side, Rugosa ‘Alba’ and ‘Trier’ have been very good to me and I have some excellent hips forming :slight_smile:

I know now how ‘Trier’ got it’s name too… it’s VERY trying to work with… It sheds pollen almost as soon as the first little bit of colour is showing in the closed bud so you need to find very young buds to emasculate and use… very trying indeed as you start removing the petals to pollinate a flower only to find that when you hit the stamens there is a light dusting of pollen already on them. I have hips forming on ‘Trier’ with ‘Mutabilis’ al la Lens, ‘Safrano’, ‘M. Tillier’, ‘Marie Van Houtte’, ‘Ebb Tide’, ‘Nevada’, and ‘Edith Holden’… really looking forward to seeing what these guys are like.

Rugosa ‘Alba’ has a tonne of hips forming with things like ‘Golden Chersonese’, ‘Papageno’ (please give me striped double rugosa seedlings), ‘Trier’, Rosa wichurana, and (for kicks for a mate) ‘Just Joey’ :slight_smile:

Rosa longicuspis var. sinowilsonii has a load of hips forming on it. REALLY looking forward to these and I’ve been working my butt off getting a new 20m x 6m trial bed fenced and weeded.

A single ‘Charles de Mills’ x ‘Ebb Tide’ hip has taken…

‘Rise n Shine’ has made a few hips with ‘M.Tillier’ and, of all things, R. rubiginosa.

So… it’s going to be a mixed bag of seedlings this season… I just hope the hip suicide rate drops.

Ive always thought Rosa rugosa alba x Trier would be a wonderful combo, or, better yet, Marie Bugnet x Trier. :slight_smile:

If you can get Rosa longicuspis onto something smaller and diploid, the foliage combination with a diploid rugosa could be stunning. Which reminds me, I REALLY wish Lullaby had fertility!!! The soulieana foliage onto other diploids would have been awesome. So dont feel too bad. We’ve all been there.

Longicuspis x ‘Popcorn’ failed but I did manage to get a single hip from longicuspis x this little white poly/mini that looks like ‘Popcorn’, only smaller:

I’m thinking it is probably a diploid too. So here’s hoping it can work to taming the beast.

Talking about the beast… I’m already picturing what longicuspis x ‘Nancy Hayward’ will look like!!! ‘Nancy Hayward’ is an Alister Clark gigantea hybrid that is… gigantic :slight_smile:

I put a little Poulsen striped mini called ‘Nicola Parade’ on longicuspis too and of all things… this has taken. ‘Nicola Parade’ is pretty healthy here too. There are a few other minis on it too that have also taken. Longicuspis x ‘Abraham Darby’ has taken a few times as has longicuspis x ‘Crepuscule’, ‘Reve d’Or’,‘Lamarque’, ‘Adelaide d’Orleans’, ‘M Tillier’, and a whole lot of others. I think even ‘Ann Endt’ took on it.

Hi Simon, that is so sad about your Euphrates cross…I was soooo sure you were on a winner there this year.



One day we are going to have hulthemia in this country to play with which will move things out of our current “dark ages”…


Sorry for the failed hips. Is there no chance to rescue semimature seed? Fortunately you got some other hips still going well.

Climate isn’t anymore what it used to be. Our last summer (when you had winter) was also very wet and in contrast to the worldwide trend cooler then average. This is explained by the worldwide rise in temperature that disturbed air circulation pattern and made arctic air enter west europe. The poles are getting warmer but dump some of their cool air in unusual places. Sounds counterintuitive, but that is how meteorologists explained our rainy and cool summer.

Just now there are lots of rivers overflowing. But it is not as bad as our newspapers portray rain disasters in some parts of Australia. And we have the advantage that lots of rain does not make snakes or alligators enter our homes.

;/ Rosarians will adapt to climate change.

Hope you are well and can go on to breed lots of beautiful roses.

I took this photo last Saturday 5km down the end of my road. Crazy wet week.

Today I had to water all my pots as they had been baked dry in just 2 days.

4 other photos I took can be seen here by clicking next:

Link: tools.themercury.com.au/photo-gallery/photo_gallery_popup.php?category_id=9625&offset=5

That certainly is a bad round of luck. Sometimes I’d rather a cross fail than sit forever and never germinate. Worse yet is to get germinating and see every seedling fail.

Speaking of ‘Popcorn’, I found the first bud on one of the Old Lady Gates x Popcorn seedlings yesterday. It’s incredibly tiny. It will almost certainly be white and single.

Sorry to read about your string of bad luck Simon. :frowning: It’s good that your rugosa ‘alba’ x ‘Golden Chersonese’ took. It’s a cross that I’ve always thought about doing. On the positive side you still have about half of your Wild Rover hips left…will keep my fingers crossed for you.


I hope the flooding goes away soon, Simon. Not fun. We have a town nearby called Vernonia, OR, where all the valleys and rivers cross. So every few decades the town goes underwater. Its no wonder it was once a lumber town since the lowest point in the town (Vernonia Lake) was where they would just float the logs in place while they picked them up for processing, haha. Its a cute country town otherwise, but when it floods, its roars.