wichuriana poterifolia

I am interested in acquiring wichuriana poterifolia. Unfortunately there are no UK suppliers and I’ve had no success in finding a nursery that will ship to the UK.

Would anyone know of a seed source for this variety?

Mine probably has some open pollinated seeds. The open pollinated seeds that I have germinated in the past gave larger plants than the mother.

Hi Henry,

Could you tell me if your OP seedlings were only slightly larger than the mother or closer to the normal variety of R. wichuriana?

Its importance lies in its dwarf habit and I would be interested to know to what extent it passes this characteristic to its offspring.



They were definitely not as big as the normal variety. In general they were somewhat smaller than my open pollinated “The Fairy” seedlings.

I checked and it looks like the rabbits have gotten many of the hips (probably 1 or 2 seeds per hip), but there still are probably enough left to grow a representative batch of seedlings. If you would like these OP seeds of poterifolia, e-mail me your post office address in a form that I can cut out and tape to the package. I write “Rose Seeds” on the front of the package. The only steriization I give them is a short dip in 3 % hydrogen peroxide. It is up to you to satisfy whatever import requirements your country has.

I would expect that you will get excellant germination.