Wich moss is crested...

On a recent visit to Elizabeth Park I snagged a little pollen from some of the climbers including Albertine, Aglaia and Easlea’s Golden Rambler. I also caught Wichmoss in bloom and noticed two interesting things about it.

Every bud was completely covered in a white mold of some sort. The blooms were fine and the plant is healthy, the mold seems to like whatever oils are being produced by the moss.

The most interesting thing is that Wichmoss is crested. It’s not nearly as pronounced as with Cristata but it’s definitely crested.

Incidentally, Easlea’s gave me a seedling on Persian Sunset last season in case anyone’s looking for a compatible partner for PS.


My plant of ‘Wichmoss’ is very healthy, except the buds, which are a constant breeding ground for Mildew. I expect that is what you are seeing; plain old Mildew. Otherwise it has the typical Wichurana foliage: healthy and glossy.