Who's going to San Jose?

I’m going the ARS Convention in San Jose and wondered who else is going. The RHA Meeting is Saturday, April 27, at 3:45. There probably won’t be any time to socialize during the meeting. Maybe we could get together some other time to socialize. How about lunch on Saturday? Or Sunday? Who’s going to the dinner Saturday night?

Pete and I are available most evenings as we are only going to the Mystery House Tour on Monday night.

Looking forward to seeing all of the RHA members during the convention.

I was disappointed to find the RHA meeting placed on the schedule at the same time as the other committee meetings (but assume that the battle for time slots created the problem). The meeting in Cleveland was memorable. I don’t plan on many of the events in addition to seminars/meetings (and post convention tour) so would be interested in a gathering. (I also have another group getting together but hopefully they will pick a different time.) Please try to post info on any proposed get-together.

Ah, my city… I’ve been intrested in visiting a few of you so it would be nice to see a face. However I work during the weekends, so I may have to keep a meeting short as possible. Meg, Winchester Myster House is a weird place to visit. Bathrooms toilets on walls, sinks in the living room, doors opeining to a pit, stairs steps only 2 inches high, etc.,. You’ll like it.

Do I have to reserve a place? I’m not totally updated on ARS Convention. I thought it was going to be at San Francisco first, and then people are going to meet later at the San Jose Guadalupe Heritage Rose gardens. Will someone update me? How do I reserve a place? I think a meeting before or after will be great. Does anyone like Improv? I know a place that I’ve always wanted to go that is soppose to have some great shows. Then there’s some good food to be explored too…

The convention is at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose from Thus. April 25 to Mon. April 29. Most of the events are Sat-Mon. There is a ‘Pre-Convention Tour’ to San Francisco, and a Post Convention Tour to Hearst Castle. There are also tours of local private gardens and Guadalupe Gardens during the convention. The details and reservation form are on the Santa Clara Rose Society’s site (see link below). The convention, without any of the tours or dinners, is $50 if you register by March 15, or $65 if you register later. At the last Spring Convention, there were a few RHA members who attended only the RHA meeting, and didn’t pay for or attend the ARS events.

I’m not planning to go on either the Pre- or Post-Convention Tours, but I’ll be at the Convention every day from Friday through Monday. I didn’t sign up for the Winchester Mystery House because I’ve already seen it several times. It is indeed a strange place, and the flashlight tour sounds great. I live about an hour’s drive from San Jose and will be commuting most days. I’m planning to spend Saturday night in San Jose. Since I’m commuting, I’d rather get together sometime during the day than in the evening.

Link: mejac.palo-alto.ca.us/orgs/sccrs/Convention/convention.html

Lunch on Sat or Sun would be great - especially if there was a location nearby so we could use the available time between events to talk rather than travel! Most of us need to take a lunch break right?! Anyone else interested?

How about lunch in Guadalupe Gardens on Saturday? They have some picnic tables, and they will have food booths. They usually have burgers and hot dogs, etc. Maybe they’ll have something special this year since the ARS is in town. We could also bring bag lunches. There might be a place near the DoubleTree Hotel that could provide bag lunches. I’m sure the hotel could do it too, but they would probably charge $10 for a spam sandwich.

I will be spendng a fat segment of time Friday over at the garden. It will be my first April visit and I am really looking forward to seeing the OGRs at their finest. I have seen the spectacular display May and later. Saturday has an hour and a half (to 2 1/2 if I skip one event) for a lunch break (starting at 12:30 for those of us who judge). Sunday has only a one hour opening between events. (Anyone else going on the garden tours - maybe we could try to land on the same bus?)

I’ll probably come back to the hotel before lunch on Saturday, so we could meet for lunch then. Sunday is fine too. I’m also going on the garden tours Sunday morning, so that would work for me too.

I will add my RHA pin to whatever I wear during the convention. I do hope that I get to run into a few of you.

I will wear my RHA pin too. I have rimless glasses and a goatee…

I will be there after work, around 1-2pm. I will be dressed like a bank teller; tie, shirt, etc.,. Or I may have a very quick change of clothes. I’m not sure. I will be carrying a digital camera, and my trademark worn blue back pack. I will go around, keep an eye out for people who have the RHA pins. I will not attend the meeting as I have not paid, but would like to stick around and get to know a few of you. I wear glasses, have very black puffy hair with a widows peak, am of buff-heavy build, and my skin is light-olive in complexion. I look Mexican-Latin (of course, with my name). Very light mastache… I cannot grow it.

Enrique, I’m sure it would be alright for you to come to the RHA meeting at 3:45 on Saturday. The RHA is a separate organization from the ARS, and there is no charge for the RHA meeting. I know there were people who came to the RHA meeting in Portland last year who weren’t registered for the ARS Convention, and nobody minded.

Okay, I’ll be there wearing a deep green button down shirt, and a blue tie. Digital camera at hand. I’ll be looking, and linguring with people. Thanks, and hope to see for the first time in person. Enrique

The RHA meeting will be at 3:45 in the Santa Clara room, which is kind of behind Max’s Restaurant in the Doubletree lobby. See you there!