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A search for “White Out” on this forum pulled up every thread that had the word “white” in it, so I’m not sure if the info is in there somewhere… I burned out on page 7…

Anyway, I saw a White Out rose on a clearance rack, and the thing was full of hips. I didn’t purchase it, but it did get me curious as to any offspring that might have come from this half-brother to KO. I found none…

I’m assuming there is good reason that this hip-setting rose has no offspring of record, but was curious if folks have played with it much at all. (I’m admittedly not a huge fan of most white flowers myself, and I’m guessing offspring would generally be plenty bland in the color dept.)

Hi Philip,

I’ve used White Out in both directions. More success as a pollen parent, although the seeds do germinate.

Yes, there is a tendency towards single white blossoms. Also dark emerging foliage and heavy bloom. I can’t evaluate overall health of seedlings yet. I have a couple of Art Nouveau x White out that ended up very healthy with bright, warm pink blossoms and are fairly nice plants with heavy bloom.

I love White Out as a landscape plant. Neat, mounded habit. Above average hardiness for a bloom machine. Covered with blossoms for a large percentage of the summer. I’ve often said “If it was anything but white…”

When I interviewed Bill Radler I asked if he used White Out in his hybridizing. His answer was “why would I?”

Joe B

“why would I?”
LOL. I think that essentially answered what i was wondering.

The foliage description appealed to me (and I imagine the white blooms practically glow against the dark leaves) but I wondered if one could hang anything interesting on a good bush coming from that plant.

Forgive my asking, Joe. When did you interview Bill Radler? Was that in a newsletter I missed? I’ve thought that would be a fun thing to do for this organization – a series of interviews with breeders and market experts for periodic articles for the newsletter. I had considered reaching out to the editorial staff to ask if I might try, but don’t know that I am very qualified to ask intelligent questions! LOL.

Hi Philip,

I assume he meant he had better proprietary seedlings he could work with including White Out’s parents. I wouldn’t take that statement to heart - I think White Out might well be worth working with for the rest of us. Disease resistance of its seedlings is the key factor. White Out itself is not completely resistant. Less resistant that KO and DKO. But it might have decent horizontal resistance.

Yes, I interviewed Radler for the newsletter quite a few years ago. Anyone able to look that up? About seven years ago? I can’t admit to being that old.

You would be great as an interviewer! And trust me, the newsletter editors would love to have your contribution. I think there should be a documentary that follows the techniques of various breeders from professional to amateur across the country (or globe). So bring your camera.

You can use quotation marks to narrow the search: “White Out” rather than White Out.

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Thanks, Karl. I assumed that would work and tried as much. Still got posts with either/or “white” and “out” despite putting quotes around the entirety as I would for Google. I’m using Chrome, but can’t imagine that would be the problem. I’m recreating the same results right now.

I have had problems using the forum search function. If I remember correctly, there is a way for Google to search just this forum. Also, if I remember correctly, I used to ask Peter Harris how to set it up.

put in to google search

“white out” site:Rose Hybridizers Association Forum - Index page

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Thank you Plazbo for the reply.

Thanks. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to use the Google “site:*” search tool. (I used to use that frequently) I just expected some of the same protocol to work on this site’s own search tools.

I was wondering how everyone’s experience has evolved since 2017. I added White Out to my garden a couple years ago and was thinking about trying some crosses with it.
In my climate, it is virtually always in bloom from May to October, and very healthy too.

About seed setting abilities, my experience has been that, even though it does produce a good amount of OP hips, on average it gave me less than one seed per hip. Will use it more for pollen.

I was wondering how dominant its single bloom is: has anyone obtained anything double from it? I’ve also noticed that its blooms last quite long, does it pass this quality on easily? It does have a (very) light scent, did anybody get something with a better scent from it?

White blooms/low saturation is not a problem