Where to buy large grow light system?

I want to buy a multi-shelf grow light system to keep in the house. I am a widow and NOT MECHANICAL and cannot build something myself from separate components.

Here is the one I am looking at:


16-Tray Seedling Light Cart - 4 shelves, 160 Watts

Well-built, attractive, completely mobile, and very functional. This heavy duty cart is constructed of 1- 1/4" polished welded aluminum stock. Independently adjustable shelves, each equipped with four hard plastic leakproof 11"W x 22"L x 2.5"D trays to cradle individual 1020 seedling trays, soil blocks, pots, or containers and also allow bottom watering.

Can any of you recommend a reputable online source for a similar system? Neither AM Leonard nor Farmtek list this type of product in their catalogs.

Hi Cathy,

You can try hydroponic grow shops online. I know HTG Supply sells light kits. Not sure if they have anything similar to what you are looking for which include the frame. It may even be cheaper to just purchase the lights separately online. Then purchase a wire rack from Home Depot. That is exactly what I did.

You could also build your own using cheap fluorescent fixtures. There is no need to get something labeled a ‘grow light.’

I am super happy with a more affordable and what seems to be more sturdy than what is pictured that is very similar. I went to Sams Club and bought bakers racks. THey are 6’ tall 4’ wide and I think 18" deep. They have wheels on the bottom too. They run about $100. They are super heavy wire and I think stainless steel. I bought some 4’ T8 fixtures and bulbs. I could have 5 shelves, but I put it together so I only have 4 so there is more space for the seedlings to grow. The 20" trays hang off a tiny bit off of the 18" shelves, but that is no problem.

I went to the HTG site, they only sell the lights and components, not a complete shelving kit. But thanks for the info, they have an interesting site.

Thanks, David, but I need to buy a complete kit ready made. As it is, I will end up paying a handyman to put it together. I do not want to mix and match separate components that were designed for other uses.


Hi Cathy,

You can also try crop King. I purchased a 3 shelf wire rack system from Home Depot and purchased some nano T5 fluorescent lights. These lights can be daisy chained together. They also came with metal clips that I used to snap the T5s to the wire frame. I will post some pictures. It was relatively inexpensive and easy to put together.