When to time pollen collection on Golden Cher....

I am used to with rugosas to taking pollen just as the sepal slightly open and with polyanthas when the sepal are fully reflexed. I have three flower buds on ‘Golden Chersonese’ so I need to time this at its best. Any advice on pimpinellifolia in general?

If my memory is correct, I collected the pollen in the evening on the day before I thought the bud would open. The sepals were fully down (I think?), but might have only been starting to reflex. I’ve never tried this with GC, but I’ve found it helpful with single blooms (5-petaled) to tape the bud shut if I’m not sure I’ll catch it before it opens. When I do this, I’ll often wait a day beyond when I thought the bud would open before collecting the pollen. This seems to give a better pollen yield. Not sure what it does to viability.

As Golden Chersonese do not release pollen before flower exposition to hot sun it is quite safe and much easier to collect anthers early in the morning at or just after flower opening.

This I do for years at a large scale for diploid singles with only a few self pollinations even with early pollen releasers such as rugosas.

Real problem for me is having all castration done in spite of dew and before pollinators activity when it is warmer.

Be ready then to get up quite early. :wink:

Pierre Rutten

If I am working with a plant that produces little pollen or (as in your case) the number of flowers is very limited, I collect the flowers just as they are opening (early morning), strip off all sepals and petals, and place them, anthers down, in a small plastic dish in a dry place indoors. I feel I get better pollen yield this way, but at the cost of the blooms, obviously. After a day or a bit longer, I strip off the dried anthers into the dish with fine forceps. I then dump the loose material into a glass vial and wipe up the pollen that sticks with a finger, and also wipe that into the vial. It is important that the plastic dish and finger are free from grease or soaps. This is also how I handle pollen collection on rainy days, but I try to reserve this treatment for special circumstances. Normally, I remove anthers from flowers in early morning at, or just before, opening as our other members do. You do have to get up early.