What should I do with my seedling?

I think my Queen Elizabeth seedling has been doing great in terms of a first year- she bloomed twice and shows some unusual yellow-blush coloring (from what I’ve seen) as the second bloom was a bit munched by bugs when it opened. She has from observation inherited the curious disease resistance from blackspot that the mother plant displays- both have yet to loose one leaf to blackspot this year and the mother plant has produced her solitary flower which is currently setting hip. I just can’t get her to bloom more. Anyway, my seedling is currently still in a pot, and since she’s my first I don’t know what to do with her- should I keep her that way for this winter and keep her inside in my dorm, or should I plant her in the garden? Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Unless you have lights to grow her under for the winter I wouldn’t try the dorm. You could plant her outside and pile mulch up around her canes to protect her. Or if you have access to an unheated garage/basement you could over winter her in there. Good luck with your seedling Max. Maybe you could post a pic here next season.

If you plant her outside, put her in a wire cage underground (to avoid vole/mole predators) and use a chickenwire cylinder above ground (rabbits love fresher stems)(not to mention deer, groundhogs)

Thank you both

So it is okay to plant her outside, I was just hesitant towards the thought since she’s small. Thank you guys, I’ll put her in my little plant nursery and I’ll double the cage if I have to- I just lost my Mutabilis to voles.

Thank you again!