What roses are you ordering for the 2007 season??

My order for the next year has been heavily influenced by some of the posts on this forum. Rosarium Uterson, Berolina, Belle Epoque, Westerland, and Arthur Bell have been talked about quite a bit. I’m also a bit curious about Day Breaker, Champagner, Kardinal, Apricola, Honey Dijon, and Julia Child. I visited Joyce Fleming a few weeks ago and decided that I was also interested in taking a look at Roberta Bondar, PALS Niagara (which has breeding line 83 from Ag Canada as the pollen parent), and Jim Lounsberry (which has R. virginiana as the pollen parent). I would love feedback on these roses and I’m curious as to what everyone else is thinking about bringing into their breeding programs.


At the start of next month, I should be getting Morden Belle, Roberta Bondar, and The Mayflower, all from Pickering.

Joyce’s original Roberta Bondar is growing in the front of her house. It has been a rough year up here for black spot and it is clean. I understand from Joyce that while she has not used it as a seed parent, it can be used as a seed parent.



You mentioned Daybreaker: it suffers badly from bs in my no-spray garden.

Compassion has similar color, is very healthy, and sets seed readily.

Toprose, Moondance, Regensberg, Jubilee Celebration, Black Magic, Royal Philharmonic (or another white HT…maybe Maria Shriver, it smells wonderful but I hate political names) and International Herald Tribune. I am also thinking of ordering “some purple ogr” but Im not sure which yet.

Weird, Daybreaker is super clean here although it’s parents are all bs magnets in this area.

I used Aprikola as a seed parent this year. It accepts pollen very well, all crosses I made on it were succesful. Now I hope it germinates well and gives good seedlings :slight_smile: It is a very healthy rose and I hope it transfers this characteristic to its offsping.

I used Graham Thomas, Abraham Darby, Westerland and Livin’ Easy on it.


My new roses this year are:

Marianne, Brooks Gallica, Reine des Violettes, Alice Vena, Indigo, Eug

Rob, glad to hear that Aprikola accepts pollen well. The apparent disease resistance was what attracted me to it. Keep us posted on germination and seedling traits. Liz

A bit of a tangent here, but I am intrigued by some of the international rose trial winners including ‘Golden Gate’ (KORgolgat) (Climber, also listed as a florist rose, presumably with very good production of blooms and good garden performance (a yellow kordesii derivative?)), ‘Astronomia’ (MEIguimov) (a blushing single form floribunda which vaguely reminds me of some bonica offspring) , and ‘Jet Set’ ((LAPra) (a pink Floribunda, which had it not racked up so darned many awards probably wouldn’t catch my attention). All of these won many trial awards around the world, but I don’t know that they are available stateside, and I haven’t found info on any of their pedigrees.

I’m also somewhat intrigued by the violet remontant rambler

‘Perennial Blue’ (MEH9601) (Climber) another trial winner about which I could obtain no info…

Anyway, I would like to obtain any of the above pending further information…

Anyone familiar with them?

I have three DayBreakers and they are always squeaky clean from BS or PM either one. It is a fine pollen and seed parent so far as well.

I just saw a post stating ‘Daybreaker’ mildews in Southern CA.

‘Knockout’ does the same and can blackspot here in some gardens I’m told. Apparently it’s a dog in Northern Europe.

Obviously many of these roses are climate specific. It’s hard to know what to believe sometimes.

If I was going to recommend one new rose to order for the spring it would be ‘Prairie Celebration’. It is a Morden rose with Explorer breeding. It is Orangeade crossed with L83. The leaves are totally disease resistant here in Southern Ontario and are so dark green that if it wasn’t in flower it would looks like a Holly bush.

It is a single red and does produce hips.

Maria Shriver is a real flower machine - pure white with great fragrance. Unfortunately it lost all leaves due to black spot and did not set any hips whereas Lafter (HT that acts more like a shrub) right next to it did not lose one leaf to blackspot.

Daybreaker has never grown more than 2 foot tall here and has about 4 flowers on it all year, but they’re really beautiful, but also blackspot prone.

Westerland never made it through the winter. Rosarium Uetersen is a fantastic rose (no hips though).

Both Julia Child and Honey Dijon are on my list. I took advantage of an end of season sale and picked up Harrison’s Yellow, Alchymist, Pink Meilland (already loaded with 30 plus ripe hips), Seafoam, Seven Sisters, Goldener Olymp (does anyone have experience with this rose?), Stanwell Perpetual and Rosa Hugonis (Father Hugo’s Rose). My house is for sale and so I will be leaving behind most of my roses. These will be the start of a new collection.

Among many other roses, I’ve ordered Fimbriata with breeding on my mind. It is supposedly very winter hardy (recommended by Flora Linnea for northern Sweden), but does anybody have experience about it’s fertility? According to the article on triploids, referred to elsewhere on this forum, it does set hips. Do you agree?

Bummer about Maria Shriver. I was hoping to replace something nice where Crystalline is. Ive had Crystalline for years. It’s pretty but it always has BS and mildew.

Karen Blixen is a nice rose but it balls up here.

Maybe I will try Pope John Paul 2. I hate religious or political names on plants, though.

I wanted to cross a mauve ht and a white ht to White Dawn.

Why not use ‘Fabulous’ Jadae?

Jadae - Gemini, Lynn Anderson or French Perfume would probably make excellent replacements for Crystalline.


No, Fimbriata doesn’t set hips (maybe it’s just an extraordinarily infrequent event). It also doesn’t have many decent anthers for pollen, unfortunately. Oddly, the plant I know doesn’t seem to rebloom at all, even with quite a long, warm growing season and a very gradual autumn. I’ve read that it can also produce a fall flush.

I’m up to and over my limit in roses - so no more for me, unless I manage to get seedlings from this year’s minimal crosses, and then I’ll make some hard decisions. Well, maybe I could sneak in one more… there’s always room for one more, right? I’ve only got the winter to pore over every rose known to man. I’m becoming more and more prone to throwing away one plant in order to buy something else.

I know what you mean about political names, Jadae. I guess I do tend like some named after people I respect or admire, who tend to be politicians infrequently at best, but no name could ever make up for a crappy rose. I have to say that Maria Shriver doesn’t really seem all that political to me (at least not exactly by choice), so it’s hard to hold it against her unless it’s a back-handed compliment to her husband (but that’s just so… Victorian!). Certainly not nearly so overt as the miniature rose ‘The Governator’. :slight_smile: No idea about its fertility, but there is one beautiful off-white I drooled over but couldn’t grow called ‘Linnea’s Rose’, I think Rogue Valley Roses has it more or less exclusively… looks like it does well on the west coast, anyway.


I have had Fimbriata for many years. At first I tried pollinating it, but it never set any hips. I then left it alone hopeing that sooner or later it would form a hip. It never has formed a hip (zone 5 northern Ohio).

Mine does not rebloom.

I just realized that I dont need a white ht replacement because Moondance will work perfect.