What is this stuff?

I have several things taking out a few new seedlings. Some of them are obvious, but I am not familiar with this one. And judging by the ‘fruiting’ bodies at the base of this seedling, maybe someone is familiar with what it is. I tried the peroxide treatment and this is what it looked like about an hour afterwards. I destroyed (fireplace treatment)the seedling because this looked like it might get spores splashed about with all the rain that is happening. The seedlings are outside, S.California, getting deluged with the monsoons. I haven’t watered them since they were planted Jan.30th. and they have not dried out on the surface yet.

Probably Botrytis. Nasty business, that. Try watering with a solution of 1 to 10 H2O2. If it persists, you may have to resort to a fungicide.

I guess I thought Botrytis was a blossom blight-and now that I check it out, the conditions, wet and cool, are perfect. I am really checking daily and this is the only questionable demise. But it sure sounds logical. Will crack open the Clearys 3336-I see it is labeled for that-if I see any more.