What is this Hulthemia Hybrid?

I’ve been hesitant to ask for whatever reasons, but I know you all will know. It came from Sequoia as ‘Persian Flame’, which it obviously isn’t. I’ve lost my old Sequoia catalog, but looked at every “Persian” rose on helpmefind without finding it. It’s a lovely butterscotch that doesn’t fade and it does have a very minute red blotch (really have to look for it). I have one fat hip on it.

Persian Autumn? You can definitely see the Trier influence in the leaves, whatever it is.

the one pic of Persian Autumn on helpmefind is not it…or at least mine doesn’t fade and the blotch is less obvious. It does only bloom on old wood and seems to be non remontant.


it seems we are trailing hulthemia again.

This is what I found today.


Maybe it had been posted earlier, I don´t mind.