What is the parentage of Carefree Sunshine?

I know people have listed a few roses that’s in it… but has anyone got the parentage written out exactly how it is?

Henry Kuska posted a list of the major players in that parentage (he got them from the parentage–listed as you want it–on p. 6 of the Summer 2001 RHA Newsletter), and that is a pretty good way to deal with the parentage. If you’re a member of RHA, do you keep your issues of the Newsletter? I understand that the parentage will be available from HMF and in MR12, probably before the year is out.

Knowing the exact parentage may be satisfying in some small way, but growing the rose will tell you a lot more about what it may offer.

Searching this forum for “carefree sunshine parentage” (minus the quote marks) will yield 4 hits. Below is one and here is another: http://rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=7095#7148

Link: www.rosehybridizers.org/forum/message.php?topid=4478&rc=4&ui=927787057

When I looked at the plant patent it listed both parents as ‘seedlings’. Was someone able to find out more about the parentage?

As Peter said, the parentage is listed in the RHA newsletter. I was the editor of the newsletter at that time. It is listed in its complete form as received from Bill Radler.



Weird lol, I actually thought about crossing mine to Playboy next year, which I didnt know it was so closely related to.

I was trying make something similar to Playgold, so my guesstimate may have actually worked rather well!

I wish I was keen enough to have bought the climbing version when I had the chance. Granted, climbing sports are usually once-bloomers, but they often produce repeat blooming climbers. That would have been a good thing for a yellow!