What is the best way to introduce a sport?

What is the best way to introduce a color sport of a rose? Is it customary or in good form to contact the original breeder? etc…

I recently came accross an apricot sport of Lemon Drop (Wekyegi, Carruth 2001, Weeks Roses). (I wish they wouldn’t reuse names it can only lead to confusion, especially since they are both miniatures) The parentage of Lemon Drop is given as Gingerbread Man x seedling. Lemon Drop is described as being very similar to its parent Gingerbread Man. Does anyone know a source for Gingerbread Man I would like to grow these three roses in a side by side comparison to see how similar the colors are. I would not want to introduce a look alike rose. However from reading descriptions and looking at pictures, I dont thik that will be the case. In fact I think they will make a nice color series if grown together. Thanks Chris


I think that Weeks would rather introduce the sport than have someone else introduce it. I’ll email you Tom Carruth’s email address.

I am curious what is the usual arrangement in this situation? What to expect? (I also have an interesting sport I am keeping an eye on). I am sure it would be helpful to hear from people who have done this before Anyone?

keep us posted, Randy