What is fertility?

I have a beautiful HT called Frivolous Pink that is said to be sterile by the breeder. I’ve used it’s pollen without success on other varieties. However, this season it set many huge hips with lot of nice looking seeds. They are currently stratifying now.

I don’t know if they will germinate yet, but the question is, if seeds are produced, couldn’t we assume the variety to be non-sterile?

I think many roses considered sterile show fertility under certain conditions.

Well, I did get a germination from one of the seeds this season, so I guess the rose is NOT sterile. I’ll try some crosses come spring.

Good for you Judith! I got an OP seedling from ‘Sophie’s Perpetual’ this year. I would have sworn it was infertile from previous attempts. “Hope springs eternal.”

I’d love to know what’s going on genetically. This is a hybrid tea that sets op seeds very easily. I used pollen from it on other plants because it’s a beautiful large multicolored hi-centered bloom with great form, and spectacular foliage, but nothing took. (check out the pictures) I had a few hundred seeds last year and none germinated. Hopefully this seedling will live.

Link: www.helpmefind.com/rose/pl.php?n=47289&tab=10

That is a beauty, but I wouldn’t call it pink?

Looks like it might be bred from ‘Pristine’ or something closely related doesn’t it? ‘Color Magic’? It looks familiar.

I bet your seedling will be key to carrying this one further. If you get fertility you can forget about the Mother plant altogether.

Or you may have to try the pollen on some different seed parents. Chances are if you try long and hard enough something will click.

I’d say seeing it in person, that Color Magic isn’t a parent. The form reminds me a bit of Touch of Class. Fatness is more Moonstoney. Pristine is a definite possibility. Peter suggested possibly Gold Medal. Well, the seedling, if it survives will be an interesting clue as you said, esp. since the plant is no where near other roses, so selfing is a strong possiblity (meaning, of course, the pollen AND seed were fertile).