What do yo make of this little seedling???

The first flower of this little seedling is about to open. The actual size is about the same size as a match head. The foliage is small and compact so far. This is from an OP hip of ‘Green Ice’. The sepals look variegated. It’s about 3months old so far and about 2" tall.

pic1: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s208/Simonauv/Garden/known%20roses/My%20Roses/tinybud2.jpg

pic 2: http://i153.photobucket.com/albums/s208/Simonauv/Garden/known%20roses/My%20Roses/tinybud.jpg

Whole plant: Pic1

Bud close-up

I think it’s great you got anything from ‘Green Ice’. I assumed it was sterile. ‘Green Ice’ is a wonderful rose.

With luck your seedling won’t be too double to have reproductive parts. There is a lot of wichurana here. I would be interested to know the ploidy of your new seedling.

That’s quite a micro mini.

I’ve tried to work with Green Ice myself with no luck. I’m thrilled for you that you’ve had success. I hope this one is very fertile and give you excellent babies. From what you’ve shown us this one looks GREAT!


Off Topic

Simon, what kind of camera do you use?

Your bud photo is great.


Hey, thanks for the kind comments. This little seedling is strange to me as the sepals seemed to have a white stripe down the centre of each one and then there seemed to be these strange white/green twisted petals that ‘peeled’ off the bud first. And the bud is getting more pink as it matures but is really tiny (even for a first bud). ‘Green Ice’ only had three tiny OP hips on it and each one only had 1 seed in it and this is the only one that’s germinated. It’s also strange to me that it seems to be so branching (with no damage to the terminal bud) at such a young age.

On the camera… I just have an entry level canon dslr (300D) with 10D firmware in it and for this image I used my Sigma 105mm f2.8 1:1 macro lens - great lens and this image is pretty ordinary compared to what it can do. The first image ws taken with my tamron 24-135mm f3.5 macro zoom (not a real macro - just pretty close) which is a great lens for general photography. The shot of the bud is uncropped so the real macro is able to capture an enormous amount of detail without introducing digital artifacts through cropping and resizing etc.