What Color Is This Rose

Help! I give up. This rose is making me crazy.

I wanted to name this rose (not sure if I’ll actually release it), but every time it blooms, it’s a different color. The web page shows her first flowers, and here is the latest bunch.

This rose is an open pollinated seedling of Golden Celebration. Dragon’s Blood is nearly, and I have to admit, the two are awfully similar, though “Ichiko” looks like she may remain a mini, having never yet made a cane more than about 20 cm long.


Link: shimbopottery.com/roses/ichiko.html

Russet, definitely. I’d say ‘Dragon’s Blood’ is a likely candidate for pollen parent. It breeds a lot of seedlings this color.


Beautiful rose! Your posting is a little confusing. When you refer to Ichiko is that a reference to this rose or another you have had listed for some time on your web site?

BTW, Monster and Fa’s marbled Moss are going great guns in spite of Adair’s heat wave and drought.

Bob in New Orleans

Definitely russet. As far as I know, there are no English style roses in that color (I could be wrong). That seedling could be useful in creating one.