What causes this?

Hi again,

I was very disappointed that almost all of the blooms I let fade to see which produce hips all wilted! I left them all on but we had such a rainy and cold spell that most began turning brown and sort of rotting, not just the bloom itself but down the stem too.

I am hoping it was just the weird weather we had that did it and not something else but thought I had better check and see what others think.



Last year when it was hot and dry, I got a lot of op hips, including hips on roses that had never had hips mature on them, like Topaz Jewel and Reine des Violettes. This year we had episodic rains & those roses didn’t produce hips. So rain could be a factor.

On the other hand, roses that don’t produce op hips, will produce hips and seeds that germinate, if hand pollinated.

OP hips are not really a clear sign of fertility. Don’t give up on roses you really like.