What can I expect from this OP 'Baby Love' seedling?

I know nothing about ‘Baby Love’ except what I’ve read in books because it’s not in Australia (that I know of). So I am wondering what, in general terms, I can I expect to see from this OP ‘Baby Love’ seedling that I managed to get to work by extracting the embryo? How does BL grow? Has anyone grown OP seeds from it b4? This one is the sole survivor from seed Don sent me a few months back.

Hi Simon,

I have grown several OP seedlings of ‘Baby Love’. The plants tended to be a bit airy rather than upright, flowers were generally pale yellow. I didn’t keep any of them.

For me, in Bakersfield where we get tons of powdery mildew, (it is our worst and most disfiguring fungal disease) it has been the single most important rose to help me get rid of powdery mildew in my breeding stock.

So, if you have a problem with powdery mildew, you might consider using this one in your breeding program (assuming that the seedling is powdery mildew resistant!)

Jim Sproul

I’ve started putting Teas into some crosses and PM is a problem with a few of them for me. I was thinking of putting this seedling through wichurana-type seedlings.

Has there been fairly consistent uniformity in the health of the OP seedlings (as this would be my primary objective if using it), compared to ‘Baby Love’?

Baby Love seedlings are hit or miss. If combined correctly, it can produce crayon orange colors. It can also produce true white without rain-spotting. However, the plant health and architecture vary massively. I got lucky with two out of a ton from Livin Easy x Baby Love (it looks like a single bright orange version of Wind Ding sans the blackspot lol)and Solitaire x Baby Love (extremely healthy double white mini). I plan to use both in further breeding but theyre definitely not finished products yet. If a non-mini yellow is one’s goal then Shockwave may be a faster route.

The seedling above has just flowered. I quite like the delicate shade of yellow. By the look of things I think it will stay very mini. Looking forward to seeing what it does this spring. Thanks again Don for the chance to try it out :slight_smile:

Seems to take forever to open and the petals seem quite thick.