Went Cadillac for winter cutting season

For decades l never had a cheap answer to accommodate height of cuttings from a 6 month plus indoor season. Zone 4 A Cdn.

Gave up on pop bottles large wine plastic fermenters, one piece nursery high domes etc, etc, etc.

Decided to cash in pop bottles and get two of these systems plus 2 more height extenders. Max height so far to doom arch 29”.

Very high quality and thick robust construction and materials. Can stack as high as want or as low as suites app. British design American construction as l understand it.

Total cost for photo setup ~ $700 Cdn. …

Dang! You must drink a LOT of pop!

Hi Kim,

I lie, most of the refund is for that other Bacchanal support stuff, but figured “pol unexcep” terms of quantity … but not quality :-))

Setup photos.

Access for cleaning, misting and watering can be done by lifting out of the dovetailing slot an upper stacked section(s) and sliding (with CofM still over tray).

If I want to grow a Douglas Fir I can remove a lower light and put on stacks starting on second level … maybe a tad too low on light

Comes with slid on clips for height extensions, but not really required, unless area subject earth quakes.

That’s pretty slick… You could probably have your own long-stemmed roses coming out of those by Valentine’s Day, if you start them early enough. At today’s prices, it might not even take that many to pay for the whole system :slight_smile:

Txs. The robust design, materials type, thickness (rigidity) and construction quality hit the need issues square on for me.

In terms of capacity they will close-fit 3 rows of 5 of rectangular 11 cm nursery pots (+/- 4 inch).

Have not found a big or small gripe yet, but that only takes time.

Cost wise, went in with eyes wide open and therefore no regrets as per first paragraph.

Does the fixture have grow lights?

Hi Margit,

The 48” tubes are l believe standard fluorescent spectrum … stand from a few years back and has good quality removable trays suspended on longitudinal cross member.

The though sounds odd, l always balk at the price of fluorescent grow light tubes in the box stores. I would require 6.

One bad problem - not the grow trays - is one tube connection shorted, cut the copper tangs and charred the tombstone. Replacement “tall” tombstones hard to find at present in box stores. Tall tombstone required for clearance by system.

The second system that is not shown is 48 inch tall light stand with dual 48” grow LED tubes - presently being used to get stubborn cuttings (Sept) to take.

Well don’t quote me, and l don’t work for the seller or re-seller (who will remain anon.).

The reason l say this is l just saw a price from them thats got to be wrong or corrected … significantly less by more than 60% what l paid for first set … so l order another 2 ….

Feels like gambling for rose needs based on luck :four_leaf_clover: vs spec change or mix up.

Should mention also ordered extenders, 1 set containing two side extenders that were cut by 28% from first set price … total levels per 2 new tray is 3.