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I enjoyed scrolling through all the messages. I often found information that was useful to me. Is there a way to view more than just the most recent 5 messages?

Thank you,

Libby Walton (new RHA member)

Hi Libby,

Welcome to the RHA! The forum just moved to this location, and there were only 5 messages on it at the time you saw it. The first page will eventually list the most recent 30 messages. When there are over 30 messages, there will be a link at the bottom of the list to show the next 30.

If you want to read the messages on the old forum, please use this link:

Link: www.rosemania.com/disc3_frm.htm

Jim, I tried to use the email function to contact Tom silvers and I got an error: 2000 error in SQL syntax near " at line 1. I am using Netscape 4.76, and my university has its own email system, Lotus Notes. Any advice?

This was due to a quirk in Netscape 4.76. I’ve put in a circumvention. Please try it again.




You have started up a GREAT forum. Thanks a million. I have marked it as a site to visit daily. There is always something new to learn about this hobby of ours.

Thanks Again. Frank Benardella