I was just at Safeway, and, as always, I always look at the florist roses. This time they had a grey rose. I do not mean like Lagerfeld or Stainless Steel. It was grey like granite or basalt is!!! (They really could have named it ‘Winter in Oregon’ LOL!)

Has anyone heard of this rose? I checked the petals. There was only a hint of lilac at the base. Unfortunately, they were mixed, so it wasnt labeled with a name :frowning: But I do wonder what the lineage is.

maybe something with grey pearl?

Nah, too modern, and the petals are way too wide for that to happen. There are only a handful of mauve florist roses, so that narrows down some of the ideas. But what about the rest?

I was trying to invision a grey landscape rose, but it wasnt pretty in my mind lol. I cant really think of any application outside of floristry that a grey bloom would be appreciated. I did note that it did force the other colors to contrast well shrug

I saw the same variety I think last week. Not my particular cup of tea. Where do you find the name on these roses?

On a side note I saw a florist rose at wal-mart that was dark red with yellow stripes. I like the effect that this one had.

You might want to ask Steve Singer. I think his wife works in a florist shop and gets the catalogs of the latest florist roses.

Hmm…not sure how I would feel about a gray rose in the garden though.

I kind of like the idea of a gray rose in the garden.

I wonder if Japanese Beetles would ignore a gray flower?

You might get a name by asking Safeway’a floral manager if you could see the list of roses they can order from. Not to say that that rose is on the list. BUT then you could copy some of the names, google them (use the EU searches as well for some of the hybridizers there who cater strictly to the cut flower market) see who created/sells those roses and then go to their pages and look for a rose that is gray in Glasshouse culture.

It might even be a rose like Paradise whose petals blush brightly in sunlight.

Could it have been Amnesia (see Helpmefind)? It is a florist rose that looks anywhere from pale mauve to a pale green-grey under various temps.

It might have been Amnesia if the greenhouse conditions were right making the guard petals even darker and more grey.

Even if it isnt, it is still interesting seeing what chlorophyl does to mauve roses.

the lady at Safeway said it might be “Sterling Blue” whatever that is …

All I know is Sterling Silver 95, which I would buy stems of in a heart beat to root, lol. But they usually only carry lame mauve varieties like Cool Water (it is dark lilac, and the color is bland and harsh).

I would LOVE to see one like that, sounds beautiful.