Web-site update, own root roses SetUp, 30 images with comments/info for each

Web-site update, own root rose cuttings setup, 30 Images with

comments/info for each image.

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may not be interested or do not have the time and equipment for making own root cuttings.

So if you like to see first class rose-photos of many of my hybridized varieties, you may want to check out my 180 plus images I have uploaded to HelpMeFind Roses (HMF) during 2004. Link to HMF at end.

Now back to my new 30 images gallery !

In 1992/93 I made dozens of own root cuttings for the first time. I was lucky then to get 50 to 60 % rooted. At the same time, the local mini grower

Does anybody have problems accessing the

Looked fine for me.